About Us

TeckWrap Craft Australia was started by Vanessa in 2020. She had been importing TeckWrap vinyl from overseas for about 2 years, she loved it, but she couldn’t find a local supplier… and eventually, she decided she needed to share this awesome product with her fellow Aussie crafting mates.

We stock a wide range of speciality vinyls – not many plain colours here, we prefer to concentrate on the vinyls that are different to ones you can find everywhere else. We import from TeckWrap directly from overseas, and then on-sell their products to you with fast shipping and local pricing.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some swatches of our vinyls as you’re not sure which colours you’d like best, please drop us a line on our Contact Page and we’d be happy to mail you some swatches or samples.

We’re now importing HTV as well as starting to offer smaller pack sizes for those who prefer to sample a wider range of colours and textures.

We’re a small, home-based business, registered and insured, and we would love to help you find the crafting vinyl of your dreams 🙂