Cutting & Application Instructions

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TeckWrap Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Some rolls of TeckWrap Craft Vinyl, particularly in the opal, holo, and colour change lines, have a protective film applied to the top of the vinyl. This film should be removed before cutting.

Rolls will have a small (2cm x 1cm) white sticker on the roll which says “Remove the upper clear layer”. Sheets will not have this sticker, so please remember to check before cutting!

Cut settings differ on every machine.


Cutting TeckWrap Adhesive Vinyl

Cricut – recommended setting is Vinyl – however if I have a new blade in, I always start with Washi and go from there

Silhouette – recommend to start at Vinyl setting, autoblade, then adjust to blade 1, speed 4, force 15

These settings are for our matte & gloss lines; the metallic, holo, glitter and opal lines will all need different settings as the vinyl is thicker than our plain vinyls.

Applying TeckWrap Adhesive Vinyl

We suggest that you apply your transfer tape (and remember, glitter vinyl needs special glitter TT), then turn your decal over and burnish the rear of the decal to the transfer tape. Then just peel off the backing layer and your decal will be adhered to your TT which should be flat on your work surface.

Always apply adhesive vinyl to a clean surface – alcohol wipes can assist with ensuring your surface is free from any oils or dust particles.

TeckWrap Heat Transfer Vinyl

Load your design into your cutting software, and flip to mirror/reverse your image design.

Place HTV on your cutting mat with the gloss/coloured side facing down.

Adjust proper blade speed and cutting pressure – a test cut is ALWAYS recommended.

Weed away the excess slowly, leaving your design on the clear carrier sheet.

Lay out your fabric/t-shirt. Temporarily place your design (gloss/coloured side facing up) on the fabric to check for size/layout before continuing.

Set your heat press machine to 155°C. While it is warming up, remove your decal from your fabric/t-shirt.

Once your press has reached temperature, pre-press your fabric to ensure it is crease-free and completely dry before pressing.

Replace your design on the fabric/t-shirt and position correctly.

Press for 10-15 seconds at medium pressure.

Cold peel the clear carrier sheet after 5-10 minutes.

Check adhesion of HTV, if not adhered fully, place a sheet of greaseproof paper over the decal and re-press for another 15 seconds.